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Custom Shapes and Sizes

We are able to produce high-quality steel tubes of various shapes and sizes, including round, oval, square, rectangle, flat oval and peanut shaped.

If you don't see a shape or diameter that you need, just ask. We do custom sizing.

Our Most Popular Product

Round Mechanical Tubes

We can roll specialty grade carbon and alloy steels into tube sizes perfectly suited for everything from office furniture to interior car parts. See the chart below for specific sizes or let us know if you need a custom size.

Tube Weight and Thickness

Our tube sizes range from 0.315” (8mm) to 3” (76.2mm) with a wall thickness of 0.030” – 0.120” (22g – 11g), depending on the shape of the tube. For a full list of our shapes and sizes, please download our spec sheet.

Round Mechanical Tubes

Diameter, Thickness and Weight

Diameter (mm)
Thickness (ga)
8.00 x 8.000.0860.1050.1230.1390.160.1740.1870.206NA
9.00 x 9.000.0980.1190.140.160.1840.2010.2170.241NA
9.50 x 9.500.1040.1270.150.1710.1970.2160.2330.259NA
10.00 x
11.00 x 11.000.1230.1510.1780.2040.2360.2590.2820.3150.349
11.30 x 11.300.1250.1540.1810.2080.240.2640.2870.3220.356
12.00 x 12.000.1330.1640.1930.2220.2570.2830.3080.3460.383
12.70 x 12.700.1410.1740.2060.2360.2740.3030.330.370.412

Let's Work Together

We offer unmatched tolerances across our product line of rolled mild steel, high-strength low alloy, ultra-high strength low alloy and dual phase materials available in round, square, rectangle, or custom shapes.

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