About Us

About Us

Tubular Steel Inc. is a North American leader in precision welded steel tube production. Incorporated in 1994, we operate three manufacturing facilities across Canada and the United States. Our culture of continuous improvement helps to maintain our leadership role as one of the most forward-thinking carbon steel tube manufacturers in North America. We offer unmatched tolerances across our product line of specialty grade carbon and alloy steels, available in round, square, rectangle, or custom shapes.

One of our employees surrounded by our many shapes and sizes of steel tubes.

Our Mission

Tubular Steel Inc. believes that process control coupled with data has changed manufacturing forever. We believe that people – not machines – collaborating produces the best tubes. And finally, we believe that continuous improvement in both personal and professional life ought to be unconditional.

Our Commitment to Quality

Tubular Steel Inc. is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services. We strive to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, to ensure defect-free products, and guarantee on-time delivery

Custom Shapes and Sizes


We manufacture steel tubing for multiple industries across North America and our sales and quality teams are trained to work with each industry differently. Steel tubing is unique, as it has many diverse applications and requirements, which is why we take an industry-specific approach to each customer we serve. Moving fluidly across multiple industries is never easy, but it’s what separates us from our competition.


Tubular Steel Inc. is capable of meeting the rigorous requirements of top domestic and international automakers. We are one of the leading providers of steel tubes for automobiles produced in North America, responsible for the manufacturing of steel tubes in 58 different vehicles.


The fitness industry relies on our high quality tubes to produce fitness machines and equipment.

Furniture / Gardening

Hundreds of thousands of homes and offices have been equipped with furniture and outdoor tools made using our tubes. Tubular Steel Inc. supplies tube for indoor and office furniture, lawn mowers, snow blowers, barbecues, trailers and gardening accessory manufacturers to their complete satisfaction.


We are proud to be a part of making life easier for those with health problems or disabilities. Walkers, hospital beds, therapeutic equipment, and accessories are all made using steel tubes.

Technology moves fast. So do we.

We have many industry exclusive systems to ensure our tooling is able to consistently produce the best quality tubes with the tightest tolerances possible.

Plant 1

285 Raleigh Ave
Toronto, ON
M1L 2E1

Plant 2

200 Hymus Road
Toronto, ON
M1K 1A5

Plant 3

405 Burnace T Bates Cir
Centerville, TN

Our History

From humble beginnings to being the leader in precision welded tube production, we’ve come a long way. Read about our journey and see how we’ve grown.

Plant 1 Opened
Tubular Steel Inc. opened the doors to our first plant more than two decades ago, and since our inception we have been continuously evolving.
Plant 2 Opened
Tubular Steel Inc. opened the doors to our first plant more than two decades ago, and since our inception we have been continuously evolving.
ISO/TS Certified
In 2009, Tubular Steel Inc. received ISO/TS16949 certification, the most respected certification for the automotive industry.
Plant 3 Opened
After almost 20 years in the business, we brought our skilled manufacturing talents to Tennessee and opened our first US plant.

Let's Work Together

We offer unmatched tolerances across our product line of rolled mild steel, high-strength low alloy, ultra-high strength low alloy and dual phase materials available in round, square, rectangle, or custom shapes.

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